Dynamic separator is a device that separates course and fine materials as reject and product. It can be used in many areas of industry such as cemet, energy, mine, metals and agriculture. Dynamic separator consists of some main parts such as blades (rotor, static, vortex), casing and reject box. There are two types ( static and dynamic ) separator according to working principle. Dynamic separator has two types according to casing design. They are called spiral and cylindrical casing, respectively. KAMASER has a very good team and equipments for research and development of all parts of the separator. KAMASER prepared R&D laboratory project for test of new designed machines, and it is established in LEBAP. KAMASER industry can design new separator and makes some modification for 1. and 2. generation separator to increase their capacity.
Particulary well suited for increasing the productivity of mills already in operation. The innovative rotor cage system enables the grinding of premium product qualities.The investment cost incurred by a change of sperators is quickly recovered.Through its copmact dimensions and low operating and maintanence cost the KAMASER seperator significantly increases grinding plant efficency.

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