Kamaser industrial manufactiring preheater and precalciner kilns are shorter than a long cement kiln and contain tall preheater towers that use the heat produced by the kiln to caloine the raw materials as they move throught the various stages pf the tower.
these kilns reflect the latest in cement kiln design technology.They are more fuel efficent than long kilns using up to % 50 less energy .Wasre -derived fuels can be introduced at either the burner end or throught a special port at the rear with other raw materials to furter increase fuel efficiency.
four or stages ,single or double strings preheater can be designed for green field plants as well as existing plants for upgrading for upgrading projects.
Compact and flexible design can be applied for new plant and also exiting plant for upgrading projects. Hydraulic drive,mechanic drive ,pneumatic dust transport,classic dust transport system with chain conveyor ,hammer and roller crusher,are presented to our customer as an optional systems.